What we do

  • Unbiased analyses of business initiatives and delivery life cycle strategies
  • Benchmark the benefits and set measurable and reportable life cycle milestones
  • Establish transparent areas of inefficiencies
  • Stakeholder alignment and delivery capabilities analysis
  • Mitigating productivity and financial waste, overruns and enterprise risks
  • Alignment of the Business Objectives, Benefits, Project Charter and Product Deliverables
  • Rapid Assessment and Project Recovery

We work with our partners to mitigate enterprise reputational and financial damage and disarm personal cognitive distortion and dysfunctional stresses. Collaboratively implementing change towards continuous improvements, whilst maintaining a clear line of sight of the business strategic benefits. Establishing sustainable growth, and empowering strategic competitive advantages.
Failure is not the Status Quo; It is avoidable, preventable and is not the new accepted normal. We believe in shared success is aligned with and driven through shared values and the grounding for lasting relationships.

Status Quo
status quo graph

5,702 Respondents from a PMI Global Survey in 2018, of Project Professionals, Executives and PMO Office’s reported the following;

31%          • Of Projects failed to meet project initial objectives Goals or Design Purpose

43%          • Of Projects failed to meet the approved project budget

48%          • Of Projects failed to meet project schedule leading to huge financial losses

52%          • Of Projects inherited severe Scope Creep, A product of initial incomplete / I’ll defined Scope

Identified Root Causes

38%          • Lack of active executive sponsorship / leadership

          • Executives fail to recognise effective project or program management Strategy

                  • Weak alignment between initiatives and projects that delivery against the strategy

                  • C-Suite Executives fail to recognise the full potential of the project management process to execute strategy

84%          • Executive’s believe they are effectively prioritising and funding the right initiatives and projects

55%          • Project Management Office ( PMO’s ) leaders agree, that the “Executives believe they are effectively prioritising and funding the right initiatives and projects”

Suggesting; organisations prioritise investment in strategy development over strategy execution

• A disconnect between Executives and Project Managers on funding for strategy implementation
• Organisations not leveraging optimum focus and investment to deliver strategy
• Organisations who are ineffective with Project Management waste 21 times more capital, than organisations with higher-performing project management capabilities. This is not to say that those higher-performing organisations are well in tune with overall strategy execution and delivery.


Challenge the Status Quo


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Stakeholder Interface


Process Improvement


Commissioning Management & Project Close Out


About Baseline Management

Baseline is a proprietary boutique company, established in 2004. Working within projects domestically within Australia and abroad such as Africa and the Asia Pacific region. Projects ranging from $50 million up to $3 billion.

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