About The Principal

Expertise in Business Analysis and Project Governance


De-Wayne Jenkins

Managing Director
( Usyd ) – Masters of Project Management; MPM

Major - Project Risk Management

( UNSW / AGSM ) – Masters of Business; MBA X. OpEx
Major - Operational Excellence

( UNSW / AGSM ) Lean Six Sigma, Executive Black Belt; LSS EBB

De-Wayne is an accomplished results driven Projects Professional. Having over 20 years’ experience working domestically within Australia, and abroad in countries such as The Democratic Republic of the Congo; Africa and North Sumatra; Indonesia. He has seen an array of avoidable shortfalls within project delivery structures and internal operational initiatives.

De-Wayne has unique diverse strengths to support the enterprise vison towards successful sustainable growth. Mentoring teams towards pragmatic strategy’s, enabling deliverables to be achieved efficiently and effectively. Creating trusting relationships is a vital element towards empowering ownership within the delivery teams and workgroups. People are the business units’ key attributes and having the ability to mentor and lead teams towards the enterprise vision is a dynamic role which De-Wayne is well attuned and thrives upon

Delivering strategic vison, mission and core values through critical thinking, to develop and execute sustainable strategic growth and competitive advantages


Our Vision & Mission

We believe success is aligned and driven through shared values. Success is collaboration with our partners, to deliver measured value and quality, eliminating overruns, financial waste, and reputational damage. Galvanizing ownership and strategies to deliver excellence within the business units, and project initiatives, enabling our clients to deliver a quality product.


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About Baseline Management

Baseline is a proprietary boutique company, established in 2004. Working within projects domestically within Australia and abroad such as Africa and the Asia Pacific region. Projects ranging from $50 million up to $3 billion.

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